What Are Some Popular Metals For Diamond Engagement Rings?

Shopping for an engagement ring requires you to learn a lot about diamonds. Even though choosing the right gem and understanding the factors that affect its quality is important, you also need to pay attention to the setting and metal used to make the ring.

The right ring should showcase the diamond and accentuate its brilliance and quality while hiding the small flaws that might exist in the gem.

The style of the setting is very important. If you are not sure what to get, it is best to settle for something very simple and traditional. A solitaire style is a great option since this is a very simple design that draws attention to the diamond.

How to choose the appropriate ring metal for a diamond ring

The metal used to make the ring is a very important decision. The right metal can make the diamond look brighter or create a very unique style. Choosing a metal can be a difficult decision since it affects the price of the ring and you might be unsure of what kind of metal your significant other would like.

Gold is by far the most popular metal for engagement rings. However, pure gold is never used by itself in jewelry since this metal lacks solidity. A ring made from pure 24K gold would be so soft that you could bend it with your fingers. This is why other materials are used to create stronger alloys.

What kind of gold should you choose?

It is possible to find gold that looks white, yellow or pink in function of the other metals used to create the alloy. Other materials are sometimes used to apply a plated finish on engagement rings. Rhodium or platinum are popular options for finishes since they give gold rings a white and bright finish.

The ideal metal for your engagement ring depends on the color and style you want. If you want a sliver or white finish, a ring made from white gold, platinum or palladium would be a great option. If you want a traditional yellow color, a ring made from yellow gold is your best option. A pink gold ring will have a more original and soft pink hue.

What kind of style do you prefer?

The perfect metal depends on the style you want and on the type of gem you have selected. If you opted for a traditional colorless white diamond, any metal will look great as long as the setting of the ring is designed to showcase the diamond.

If you opt for a more original colored gem, you need to find a metal that will look great with the colored diamond. For instance, pink gold would be an excellent choice for a pink diamond while yellow gold is probably your best option if you opt for a yellow diamond.

Which ring metal to choose for a diamond ringThe color of the metal you select for the engagement ring can also have an impact on the appearance of the diamond. For instance, a ring setting made from yellow gold can give a diamond a slight yellow or brown tint. If you opted for a nearly colorless gem instead of a colorless one, you might want to avoid this type of metal since this could accentuate the yellowish tint of the diamond. On the other hand, a white gold ring would hide the slight yellowish tint of the gem.

If you are looking for a more original option, you should consider titanium. You can find rings made from titanium with a dark grey or black finish. Titanium is a popular option for men’s rings but you can find some original designs for women’s rings as well if you don’t think any traditional metals would be a good fit.

There is another thing to consider when choosing a metal for an engagement ring. Some metals can cause allergic reactions. If your significant other has sensitive skin, a ring made from platinum or palladium is a good option. Since pink gold is made by using copper to create an alloy, this is not a good option for allergy-prone skin types.

It is also important to understand how the metal you choose for an engagement ring affects the price. Gold, silver and platinum are considered as precious metals. A rare alloy like white or pink gold can drive the price of a ring up. On the other hand, non-precious metals are usually more affordable.
It is important to compare your options and establish a budget when shopping for an engagement ring. Most people focus on the diamond, which is a very important element but you should do some research on different metals as well.

The metal you choose can impact the price tag of the engagement ring you choose as well as its style. It is also important to make sure your significant other has no allergies to precious metals. Compare your options and choose a metal that look great with the diamond you selected and make sure the style of the ring corresponds to the personality of your significant other.